Ts3 to Ts4 Store Conversion World of Wonder Carousel / Carnival Set / MegaMagikal

Split in two parts

Notes: To place down and build your tent you have to use testingcheats and place the upper tents with the number 9 and the ALT key.
Hot Tub and Juke Box are functional, the rest of the objects are merely decorative (popcorn and candy machine, arcade machine, carousel, kid's stuff, ect ect)
There is some things that are very high polygoned. I tried to reduced them muchs as posible but  for example... Carousel have more than 30k, (was 68k at the start, a crazy thing...) so be carefull.
Lot its not included, if you are interest I can upload it.
And I'm sure I forgot something in the screens, but its a lot of things, sorry.
And the last thing
ajOya have a mini set that combines with this very well.