If you have any problems please, check this steps
  • If something doesn’t show up, update your game. If you have your game update, check your files for conflicts.
  • Be sure you have enable custom content and scripts on sims' options.
  • You should unzip the files in the Mods folder in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
  • If you have a lots of folders and you didn't edit your resource.cfg go here. This could be a problem that cause you can't see some cc unless you have them all without any folder in /Mods directory.
  • To find my CC in your game, go to the search box and type: enure. Then click at the top in the "enure" word instead on the magnifying glass and you'll get all the CC with my name in the game. Then look there for the set.
<--here you have an example

  • If you want to contact me, you can do it through my tumblr page http://enure-style.tumblr.com. You must be register on tumblr to initiate a conversation with me. Sorry for the inconvenience but I want to evade anonymous drama.