Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Posted by Enure at 1:59 AM


@saudade-sims4 —- End Table
Marco13 —- Washing Machine
Kardofe Laundry —- Basket | Basin | Clothes Rack
LOolyharb1  —- Retro FirePlace
Chi-sims —- Chinese Go Table
Wondymoon —- Fluorine Wardrobe
Fran89 —- Liberated Fences

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sweetmint deleted all things in her blog. Thos files are exactly the doors/archs/windows japanese style. I found her alternative backup folder
There is a lot of things there and if I am sure, the CC for natsume’s house is FROM Amado& TO Shoinn Download all those files. 29 files in total. If case that you miss something when you load the house try to download some more things.


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