Thursday, April 21, 2016

Enure Round Pillow Solid Colors

Posted by Enure at 1:19 PM

There is two versions. You don't have to choose just one version, you CAN download both and have both in your game.

DOWNLOAD BED VERSION. This pillow have the bed's height. You don't have to use the ctrl+9 cheat to adjust the height.

DOWNLOAD FLOOR VERSION. This pillow its in the floor. You can adjust the height with ctrl+9 cheat to place them in chairs, sofas, ect ect.

  • Do no claim as your own
  • You can recolor, but don't include the mesh (if you want to recolor I can upload the PSD file to make your life easier, just toss me a msg with your email)

- Credits -
This is a major edit from a fee 3ds model. I'll edit this with the name when I find the creator -__-U.

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