TS3 "Welcome to the future" Vehicles

All are deco objects.

12 different types of vehicles
8 different types of service vehicles


  • Arasika Bison
  • Arasika Bubalus
  • Arasika Chariot EX
  • Arasika Corto Speedster
  • Arasika DeLorraine Flying Roadster
  • Arasika Elroy
  • Arasika Fenris
  • Arasika Liara
  • Arasika Palanquin
  • Arasika Ratatas Racer
  • Arasika Sebastino Family
  • Sim-Mobile
Service Vehicles
  • Fire Hover Truck
  • Hadyman Hover Truck
  • Hover Limousine
  • Hover Taxi
  • Maid Hover Car
  • Police Hover Cruiser
  • Repoman Hover Truck
  • Service Hover Car
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Lots used on the screenshots. You can download them on the gallery.
  • FuturisticCitySQ Lot by shepherdqbs
  • Bright Future Legacy Lot by silversimmer007
  • Futuristic Future by 0kiwigreen0